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Wondering what is the Best Homeschool Curriculum? Dive on…

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Is it getting difficult for you to find the best homeschool program for your child? Are you finding it frustrating to decide as to which is the best homeschooling program that will fit your child’s learning abilities? Well, I have tried to analyze the reviews given by homeschooling parents like you and have come up with an exhaustive list of The Best Homeschooling Curriculum. There are many parents who have tried these and are sharing their experiences.

Dive into The top 10 Homeschooling Curriculum picks and choose what is best for your child.

1. Time 4 learning : Well, it’s my personal favorite and so it is for numerous other parents. It’s an award-winning homeschooling curriculum and starts from Preschool through Grade 12.

What makes it topnotch :

  • Absolutely interactive and fun based learning.

  • Interactive activities, animated lessons, printable worksheets and detailed reports.

  • More than 400,000 families have been benefited.

  • Affordable curriculum covering all subjects

  • Price : PreK-8 : $19.95/m and Grade 9-12 : $30/m

2. Calvert Homeschool : It’s been around for more than a 100 years and has educated millions of students across the globe. Comprehensive and Flexible homeschooling programs right from Pre-K to Grade12 is what sets it apart. Calvert provides a time tested homeschool curriculum laden with every possible tool and support needed for a child’s intellectual growth and success.

It provides:

  • Step by step lesson manuals.

  • Unlimited support from trained education counsellors

  • Access to Calvert teaching navigator.

  • Easy to use online resource.

  • Subjects taught: Math, ELA, Science, History & geography, Electives

  • Price : Grades K-2: $160 to $380 annually

Grades 3-12 : $320 per year

3. Oak Meadow : It is a secular homeschool curriculum provider and is one of the rare ones in the market. This curriculum is extremely influenced by the Waldorf philosophy that believes in installing a sense of wonder and creativity within each child. This program:

  • Doesn’t adhere to any specific religious belief.

  • Is creative, hands-on and very rigorous.

  • Includes a number of nature based projects from early years.

  • Is designed to incorporate visual, physical and auditory learning styles.

  • The weekly lesson plans allow greater flexibility for travel and artistic pursuits.

  • Available from KG to Grade 12

  • Subjects : Math, ELA, Social Studies and history, Science

  • Emphasis on creative arts like drawing, painting, handwork and music.

  • Price : $120 single course and $745 full curriculum

4. Acellus Academy : It offers a fully online Homeschooling curriculum where children get to see video lessons by some brilliant teachers. Infact the best from teaching fraternity.

  • It was established in 2013 with an aim to enable students receive education outside of the brick and mortar school environment.

  • 1 million students have been benefited from 2000 districts of US.

  • Curriculum is used in over 40 countries worldwide.

  • High School graduates are welcomed into top universities around the country.

  • Interactive online curriculum.

  • Personalized instructions based on individual child’s need.

  • Subjects : Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Electives.

  • Price : $29.95/month and $299 for one year

5. Bridgeway Academy : They are unique since they tailor homeschooling curriculum to best suit the student after doing a thorough assessment. This helps to get the best out of the course. The customized solutions include a thorough evaluation of the child’s learning style and academic abilities, Math, ELA and Reading tests. The advisor helps in taking the right approach and curriculum for the child. The complete package includes :

  • Completely customized curriculum package that best suits your child.

  • Extreme flexibility in education that parents won’t find anywhere else.

  • Unlimited support from homeschool advisors.

  • Homeschool instructor guides

  • Community service opportunities and activities that helps one feel more connected.

  • Caters from grades K-12

  • Price : $700 - $900/year , $350 for single course

6. K12 : It offers customized homeschool courses based on the age and skills of children. From Grades K-8, there is an option of teacher led or independent learning. However, grade 9 onwards only online teacher-led program is offered.

  • Owing to high tuition fees, the K-12 teacher led program is like a Private school that the students attend from the comfort of their home.

  • Impressive and Personalized collection of electives like Sports, Personal Finance, Photography etc makes the price worth it.

  • Subjects offered : Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Music, Art, History , World Languages and Electives.

  • Price : $260 to $450 for 12 months unlimited access

  • Teacher led courses cost $900/year.

7. Laurel Springs School : It’s a great choice for parents looking for an Online Homeschooling program for their kid. The most important reason for choosing this program is “The Academy”, a selective online learning program.

  • The program for students from grades 6-12 offers personalized curriculums designed based on the student’s talents, interests and passions.

  • The course is inclusive of AP courses, College Prep courses, Honors, College credit courses, World language courses and 1-1 academic counselling.

  • Subjects : Math, English, History, Art, Science and World languages.

  • Price : $1900 annual fees for elementary school

$2600 for middles school

$3200 for high school

  • The Academy : $9000 annually for middle school

$13000 for high school

8. Easy Peasy Homeschool curriculum : It’s a FREE Home School Curriculum for grades K-12

  • Subjects offered : Math, English, History, Music, Reading, Science, Drawing , Art, Bible and more in an Electic or Charlotte Mason style.

  • Students would need paper, pencil or some other minor supplies if they choose to do art projects or experiments, however reading materials etc. are free and online.

  • One can find printable worksheets.

  • Donations are accepted.

9. Forest Trail Academy : It’s a top accredited homeschooling program that offers universally accepted High School Diplomas. It offers a wide variety of choices like Christian Homeschool Correspondence courses, Secular Homeschool correspondence courses or Instruction Based learning.

  • Correspondence courses are self paced and are comprised of book based curriculum that includes interactive and printable worksheets.

  • Subjects offered : Math, Writing, Language Art, Social Studies, Character education and handwriting.

  • Price : $950 per grade level for the Correspondence course.

Online homeschooling for K-5, $1900 annually

Grade 6-8, $2600 annually

Grade 9-12, $3200 per year

10. Liberty University : It’s one of the best Homeschool program among a wide variety of Christian HS correspondence options.

  • Offers comprehensive Biblical based curriculum, right from K-12.

  • Consists of textbooks and other teaching aids

  • Teacher-directed program enables teachers and parents to focus on materials the students need to learn.

  • Also, in a sequence which will enable them learn faster.

  • Subjects offered : Math, Language Arts, Bible, History/Geography, Science/health and Electives.

  • Price : $270 annually for KG and goes upto $1290 for high school.

I sincerely hope that you find this guide helpful in making a well-informed decision about the homeschooling curriculum that you want to choose for your child. I have written this blog after doing a lot of research and thorough evaluation. Would love to hear your experience after going through it. Let me know if I have left out anything important.

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