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  1. What can one expect from Online Elementary Tutors ?


My constant endeavor is to help my students overcome their fear of Math and other Elementary subjects. You can expect the following from me:


  • I make sure that my students understand all the basic math concepts . This helps them to develop a liking for the subject. It helps them to get more confident and score better grades.

  • I constantly keep assessing their skills so that I can work and improvise the pain areas. This is applicable for all subjects.

  • I customize every lesson based on the child’s specific needs and ability.

  • Over time the child gets ready to appear in various math tests. A good score is definitely on the cards.

  • The child’s English conversation, Comprehension, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar skills enhances to a great extent.



  2. How can Math be taught online?

  Ans : It is not very difficult to teach Math online as it looks like, owing to numerous modern technologies . If you have a regular computer/tablet/ipad/desktop/laptop and have a good internet connection, you are ready to enhance your skills. I don’t prefer smartphones since the screen size is small and it can be very distracting for the students as many other apps will be running at the hindset.


Hardwares required:

             Writing tablet and Digital pen

             High speed internet connection


Softwares required:

             For video and Audio calling : Skype/Zoom/Hangout/G meet

              For whiteboard : Ziteboard/Bitpaper


These are the basic softwares required and one needs to constantly keep upgrading.


4. What should be the next step?

It would be great if you could sign up here to schedule a FREE DIAGNOSTIC SESSION so that I can assess areas where the child needs guidance in Math or Language Arts or any other elementary subject. I being an , providing online tutoring services globally, will then come up with customized lessons for your child. I will provide a detailed feedback and suggest the next course of action on the number of sessions that your child might need to address the gaps.


5. How much does a Tutoring session cost ?


Parents often wonder, how does an his/her services? Well, it is based on the Experience and Qualification of a tutor. My sessions last for an hour and cost the following:


Elementary Math/ELA : $40/hr


Middle School Math/ELA: $50/hr


Homeschooling sessions : $20/hr for a minimum of 10 hours a week.

Areas We Serve

We Provide Online Tutoring

Subjects - Math and ELA(English Language Arts)

ELA - Reading and Writing

Grades: K-10


California, USA

San Jose | San Francisco | Sacramento | Los Angeles | San Diego


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